Orange flowers to brighten any room

Orange flowers are popular for a number of reasons. One of them being the fact that they have a wonderful way of brightening up any room and they lift the spirits of the recipient right away. While they can be paired with other colours, orange blooms also look fantastic all on their own. Before you start search for an orange bouquet, keep the following facts and tips in mind.

Different shades

Just like all colours, orange flowers come in different shades. If your orange blooms have a touch of red, they represent romantic intentions. So, if you have very strong feelings for somebody, these are an excellent way of letting them know. If your flowers are of a darker shade, they represent a lack of trust. These flowers are great if you are trying to gain back the trust of a loved one. Golden shades represent wisdom and wealth while those with a touch of yellow send a message of good health. If you want to send cheerful flowers to a friend, no matter the occasion, you should consider blooms with a touch of peach.

Types of blooms

Now that you have the perfect shade in mind, it’s time to search for the most beautiful orange flowers. Some of the most popular blooms available in various shades of orange include: roses, carnations, lilies and gerbera daisies. Flowers like gerbera daisies can be grouped together in a mixed colour design which includes these blooms in orange, red and yellow if you like. Lilies are ideal for exotic displays and you can be sure that they will always be an impressive gift.

Flower preservation

If you want to preserve your orange flowers and keep them for years to come, you should consider drying or pressing them. Remember, different preservation methods suit different kinds of flowers. For instance, flatter flowers are ideal for pressing while fuller blooms should rather be dried.

If you plan on decorating your home or you wish to send orange flowers to somebody special, you should also consider combining them with other colours. Some of the best colours to include in your orange bouquet are red, white and even off-white. If you want to shop quickly, take a look around online and run a search for the word orange on your favourite florist’s website.