How to make the perfect hand tied bouquet

Hand tied flower arrangements are wonderful for any occasion. Whether you want to make a romantic bunch for your significant other or you want to wish a friend for their birthday, this is the go-to gift that will never let you down! Best of all, it’s really easy to make yourself!


You will need:

  • Flowers of your choice
  • Fine foliage to compliment the flowers
  • Sharp pair of scissors
  • Garden string
  • Decorative bow



  • When selecting your flowers, you will want to choose focal flowers, mass flowers, and some fillers for good measure. Roses, spray roses, astrantia, and hypericum all look lovely together. Plus, with this combination, you will only need a little bit of greenery to give the bouquet a balanced appearance.
  • Using the examples of flowers listed previously, you would start by trimming your spray roses. Cut off the flowers that are located lower down along the stem so that you are left with a neat cluster at the top.
  • You can also thin out the astrantia by separating the stems. This means that you need to cut each stem to create two stems. The one will naturally be longer than the other because the shorter stem is the one that branches off form the main stem. This is great for height variations.
  • When you start grouping your flowers together, you will need to choose a binding point. This will help you determine where to hold the stems together and you can shape the bouquet properly in this way. The higher the binding point, the smaller the bunch of flowers will be. Similarly, if your binding point is really low, this will allow the flowers to separate more and so you will need more flowers and the bouquet will be larger.
  • Avoid placing the stems straight in your hand. They need to be angled in order to achieve that rounded shape at the end.
  • Group some of the smaller flowers together before adding one of your larger, focal flowers to the bunch. Continue by adding another batch of small flowers along with a large flower and create a desirable pattern in this way. You will want your larger flowers to be evenly spaced apart with smaller flowers in between.
  • Add some of the foliage around the edge of the bouquet for that much-needed touch of green and trim all of the stems if they get too tricky to work with. Don’t cut them to the desired length just yet. Rather trim off some of the excess for now and you can touch up later.
  • Tie the stems together by wrapping the string around them at least twice before knotting.
  • Conceal the string by adding a bright bow.