Non-floral accessories for your fresh arrangements

Whether you want to give your fresh flower arrangement a fabulous new look or a particular theme, there are plenty of non-floral accessories that you can add. For the most part, you only need one of the accessories mentioned below but you can combine some of them if you like. Here are a few ideas.


Feathers are excellent non-floral accessories because they add colour and texture. You can choose from a wide variety of feathers too. Ostrich feathers, for example, are particularly large which means that they can also add height to the bouquet. Other wispy feathers can be used in between your blooms instead of or along with filler flowers.

Flower picks

These are excellent non-floral accessories that are perfect for giving your bouquet a theme. For example, if you want to create a romantic bouquet, you can add a heart flower pick. As for a birthday arrangement, you can add a balloon or birthday cake flower pick. Spring arrangements look great with a bright butterfly.


For some sparkle, you can always add crystals. These are some of the best non-floral accessories because you can add them in between your blooms or you can glue them to the middle of several of your blooms. Roses are particularly great if you want to insert crystals inside the blooms.

String of pearls

Pearls are lovely for adding a subtle touch of glamour. You will find that they are really easy to include in your bouquet. All you need to do is string and weave them throughout your bouquet much like you would the lights on your Christmas tree.

These are just a few of the top non-floral accessories for you to consider when you arrange your next bouquet. These are all beautiful options and you can make your choice according to the occasion as well as the personality of the bouquet recipient.