New baby gift and flower ideas

Whenever a baby is born, it gives the family and their friends a fantastic reason to celebrate. Choosing the right new baby gift these days has become increasingly difficult. This is because many parents usually take care of all their essential needs before baby arrives. So, what can you send to celebrate the new arrival? Here are some great ideas.

Fresh flowers

The number one new baby gift is a bouquet of fresh flowers. Pink blooms are often sent when a baby girl is born while a blue-themed bouquet is the top choice for boys. Yellow and white bouquets offer shoppers a neutral choice too. This is particularly suitable for those who have welcomed a ‘pigeon pair’ (a set of twins – one girl and one boy) into the world.


Like fresh flowers, bright balloons also make an excellent new baby gift. They can be sent along with a beautiful bouquet or another gift. Make sure that you choose the appropriate balloon or balloons. There are so many varieties out there that you are bound to find something without any trouble at all.

Baby essentials

While mum and dad have most likely already stocked up on most of the things they will need, you can never go wrong by sending a new baby gift that includes essentials like clothing. Even if they have clothes for their newborn, babies have a way of growing really fast and clothes get messy quickly too.

Pamper the parents

A new baby gift is not necessarily just for baby. You can take this opportunity to spoil the new parents too! There are plenty of fantastic gift hampers available that include non-alcoholic beverages and delicious sweet and savoury treats. Select something that you know mum and dad will enjoy together.

Now that you have a few great new baby gift ideas, it’s time to start browsing! Remember, you can send gifts like fresh flowers and balloons to the hospital if you like. Alternatively, you can wait until they bring baby home so that your gift will brighten up their home even more. Gifts like food and baby clothes are best delivered to their home.