Mother’s Day gift tips for new dads

For all the new fathers out there, honouring the mother of your child for the first time might feel more complicated than it should be. If you’re not sure how to make a new mum feel special on this important day, here are some tips that are sure to make her smile!

The first thing you need to plan is the perfect flower arrangement. There are so many different flowers available during this time of year and plenty of amazing colours too. Pink is a popular colour and flowers like lilies, roses, and tulips are all great choices. If you want something that will last longer than a few weeks, consider a potted plant. Orchids are great for Mother’s Day and they are associated with elegance and affection.

Another great idea is to give mum a spa day. You can choose between a spa day out or you can bring the spa to her if she is not up for going out. Even if you have no idea about manicures and facials, you could have a friend come over to pamper mum while you take care of your little one.

If you want to give mum a great night off, you can have somebody take care of the little one while you take mum out for a romantic date. Make a reservation at her favourite restaurant and don’t forget that, as a mother, her mind might be on your child which is normal and absolutely OK. So, instead of trying to make the date last all night, be prepared for an early night instead. As time goes by, she will get used to the idea of having fun and trusting somebody to watch the baby.

Like flowers, chocolates and other scrumptious treats are also always popular for many occasions, including Mother’s Day. You can add chocolates to your flower order or you could even order a bouquet along with a gift hamper.

You could also give mum the day off from chores or call her friends for a fun ladies night. There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck inside four walls and, by giving her the chance to get out for a bit, she will return recharged and refreshed.