Mother’s Day card design ideas she’ll love

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to let your children get creative. No matter their age, there is always a way in which you can let them help. Here are some fun Mother’s Day card design ideas that you can make with your little ones. All you need to do is the tricky bits and let them do the rest!

A pretty bouquet

Yes, we all love sending fresh flowers on this special occasion, however, what about flowers that will last? This Mother’s Day card design is really fun because you can choose as many colours as you like. All you need to do is make some paper flowers, secure them to some stems and then stick them to the card. Of course, you want to keep it neat and tidy so take a moment to glue a piece of colourful paper or cardboard to the front of the card first. Glue the stems inside this cardboard and then fold it over so that it looks like a handheld bouquet wrapped in colourful paper.

Flowerpot design

Another fun Mother’s Day card idea is to cut out a potted plant shape from some cardboard. Make sure that you cut two out so that you can glue the ends together. This will allow you to slide the card in and out. When designing the card, you will need a piece of cardboard that will fit inside the pot. Next, you will glue some paper flowers to the very top of the card. Now, when you slide the card down into the pot, it will look like the flowers are rooted inside.

Photo frame card

Pick your favourite family photo and have it printed out (if you don’t have a hard copy already printed). You will need to fold a card as you normally would. Next, cut out a piece of cardboard to the exact size as the front of the card. Now hollow it out to make a frame for your photo. Decorate the frame before gluing it to the front of the card. Make sure that you only glue the outer edges of the cardboard since you want it to hold the photo in place.

Hand print blooms

If you have very young children, this Mother’s Day card idea is simple and realistic in terms of their skill level. All you need to do is have them apply some colourful paint to one of their hands and press it to a piece of white cardboard. Allow the paint to dry before cutting it out. In the meantime, you can let them draw and paint some leaves which can also be cut out once the paint dries. Again, use cardboard because it’s a lot steadier. Now, use a long stick or multiple sticks to serve as a support for the stem and glue it all together. The hand print will be the flower, of course. Make sure you let your child write a little message on the back of the flower just for mum!

These are a few easy and affordable Mother’s Day card ideas that you can make in a very short amount of time. You don’t even need to spend too much money on materials since you will most likely have just about everything you need around the house.