Mother’s Day bouquets for beginners

Designing and creating a fresh flower arrangement can come easy to some. Of course, if you are new to this and you want to ensure that your Mother’s Day bouquets do not look like they were made in a hurry or without any care, you can’t go wrong with these basic ideas.

Bud arrangements

When it comes to Mother’s Day bouquets, the easiest option is a bud arrangement. These floral displays consist of a single perfect stem placed inside just the right vase. You will need the right flower for the job which is why many people either choose a rose or a daisy-like flower. The vase you use should have an opening at the top just large enough for you to insert this single stem. If you like, you can include a few sprigs of filler like baby’s breath but take care not to overdo it.

Single type of flower

If you want to send Mother’s Day bouquets that are larger and include more than a single stem, you could always choose to use a single type of flower. This means that you can also stick to a single colour or you can order a mixed bouquet that consists of one type of flower in various colours. You will also need to choose your vase according to the size of the bouquet and the length of the stems.

Choosing a vase

As mentioned above, each type of bouquet needs the right vase to bring it all together. Of course, if you have chosen to go with multiple stems and you are feeling a bit lost in terms of vase ideas, you can always wrap Mother’s Day bouquets in some decorative paper and tie the stems together with a colourful ribbon. Handheld bouquets are also a great idea if you know that she has at least one vase available to show them off.

The key to creating the best Mother’s Day bouquets is to not overthink things. If you are looking for ideas about which colours look good together, for instance, you can always take a look around at flowers online for inspiration. If you want something memorable and sentimental, you could shop around for her favourite flowers or even blooms in her favourite colour.