Modern style Christmas bouquets

Each year we see pretty much the same kinds of Christmas flowers and bouquets at our local florist.  The fact that the arrangements tend to look similar can make people less excited about sending flowers or even decorating their homes with flowers over the holidays.  For people who enjoy the traditional aspects of Christmas, these bouquets are perfect but, if you are more inclined towards all things new and fresh, then it might leave you feeling somewhat disappointed.  For this reason, florists have come up with a new approach to Christmas in the form of Christmas flowers in a more modern design.

Over many years, flower arranging and floristry has come a long way and much has changed.  The types of arrangements that you may order these days differ drastically from those that were available decades ago.  That said, many of the older, traditional varieties are still available and florists are also able to custom make flower arrangements so there’s no real limit to what’s available today.

Whether you wish to order flowers for yourself or send flower to somebody special for Christmas, there are certain factors that need to be taken into account.  The first of which being colour.  While you might choose to decorate your Christmas tree in every colour under the sun, you might want to exercise some restraint when creating a modern festive bouquet.  You don’t want to lose the theme by adding too many colours.  You should also take into account the colour scheme and décor in the home where the bouquet will be displayed.  This will help you select the perfect arrangement.

Poinsettias are festive and quite traditional so, if you want to spice it up, you can add a little bit of blue, purple and white in between.  Flowers that you should consider adding are delphiniums, eustoma and chrysanthemums.  You could even add some thistle in between. Now, while it might not sound like your regular Christmas bouquet, you simply need to add a festive accessory like a Christmas themed ribbon or some small silver Christmas ornaments to emphasize the theme.

You can do pretty much the same thing with almost any kind of flower in any colour.  The key is o select a colour that compliments your home.  Once you have a colour in mind, you can choose various accessories as mentioned above. Now, when selecting accessories, you want them to compliment the bouquet but you don’t want them to completely blend in.  You want them to stand out and not go unnoticed.  Be careful when grouping different colours and make sure that you don’t end up creating a rainbow.  This will make it particularly difficult to select the right accessories.  If you struggle to match colours, you can run a search for flowers online for some inspiration.  You can also look around for a colour chart (a circular one) and then study the different kinds of colour schemes to help narrow down your final colour choices.

While a traditional Christmas bouquet is generally displayed in a vase or container that has been decorated with some kind of holiday theme, a modern arrangement need not follow this rule.  You can choose a plain, clear glass vase or, if you are planning on sending flowers for Christmas, you can tie a festive ribbon around their stems and use some colourful tissue paper to make the perfect handheld bouquet.  If you decide to send just one type of flower in a single colour, you can use a festive ribbon to give the bouquet its Christmas theme.  These types of bouquets are especially lovely in a home that is already overflowing with decorations. With all the colours and decorations everywhere, a plain arrangement will stand out rather than blend in with everything else.