Valentine’s Day flower facts you may not know

You might think that you know all there is to know about the most romantic day of the year. However, there are so many Valentine’s Day flower facts that you are bound to be fascinated by at least a few of the ones listed below!

Roses are number one

Roses are the top choice when it comes to a Valentine’s Day flower bouquet. That said, in Denmark, white snowdrops are the flower of choice! So, if you come across these blooms this year, you might like to switch things up and start a new romantic tradition!

Flower meanings

Roses are the number one seller throughout the year and the red rose is the most popular Valentine’s Day flower of all. However, just because they are popular, does not mean that other blooms cannot send a romantic message. Gardenias, for instance, are excellent for your secret love while purple larkspur will let them know that they are your first love.

Less is more

A dozen roses might seem like the magic number but many people do not know that even a single Valentine’s Day flower can send a thoughtful message. For example, one red rose sends the message that the recipient is your one and only. Three roses say ‘I love you’. Look up the number of roses you wish to send and find out what message they will convey to the recipient!

Not so sweet

Due to the high demand for roses around this time of year, many are hybrids are produced for their longevity. As a result, this beautiful Valentine’s Day flower may not have as sweet a scent as we are used to. For this reason, you might like to opt for a bouquet that includes fragrant blooms such as freesias.

Long-stemmed roses

In order for a rose to be classified as a long-stemmed flower, the stem needs to be 24 – 36 inches in length. Additionally, the blossom should have a diameter of two to four inches. In order to cultivate these blooms, special pruning techniques and temperature controls are used.

Birthday blooms

If your partner celebrates their birthday on Valentine’s Day, you should choose a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement that pairs roses with violets. Violets are the birth flower for the month of February which will make this bouquet both thoughtful and romantic.

Top choices

Apart from roses, there are a number of other popular bouquets for this occasion. Dianthus, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, gerbera daisies, hydrangeas and mixed bouquets are all popular Valentine’s Day flower options.

With these Valentine’s Day flower facts in mind, you can make the best choices to impress your partner or spouse this year. Don’t forget to include some luxury chocolates, a cuddly bear or even some balloons with your flower order.