Modern flowers for Valentine’s Day

When shopping for Valentine’s Day blooms, you will come across a number of types of bouquets. While some have quite a traditional beauty to them, others are more modern in their design. If you are shopping for modern flowers for this special occasion, you will find the following tips particularly handy.

Red roses

While red roses are considered to be a traditional gift for this romantic occasion, the bouquet itself doesn’t necessarily have to take on a traditional appearance. If you are looking for modern flowers but you also have your heart set on red roses, you can send these blooms without a problem. Just make sure that you keep the bouquet simple without any foliage or fillers. You should also take care when selecting your vase.

Their favourites

Another lovely idea for modern flowers is a bouquet which includes or consists of your Valentine’s favourite blooms. If, for example, you know that they love lilies, you could opt for a bouquet of red roses paired with white lilies, perhaps some pink lilies with pink roses or even lilies all on their own. All you need to do is look for lily bouquets when shopping at your local or online florist. By sending something you know includes their favourites, you will show your Valentine that you care enough to pay attention to all those little details.

Pure elegance

If you are looking for elegant and modern flowers for your Valentine but you aren’t sure of what they would prefer and you aren’t all that keen on roses, you should shop for orchids. Their unique appearance makes them the very picture of opulence. They can be enjoyed as cut flowers but they are most often preferred as potted plants since they will last so much longer.

The right vase

If you want to make sure that your bouquet has a modern feel to it, you not only need to select the right blooms, but also the right vase. This means that you should avoid vases with too much detail. Instead, select a vase that is plain in colour and design. Some of the best options include clear glass vases, ceramic white, green or black vases as well as beautiful silver holders. The vase should have a simple shape without too many curves as this will help create a more linear and modern appearance.

With the right modern flowers and the right vase, all you need to do is choose a little something extra to go with your romantic bouquet. Some of the most popular options include luxury chocolates, wine, balloons and teddy bears. Again, it will depend on your relationship and the preferences of your Valentine.