The Meaning Of The Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are made up of a number of small flowers all clustered together to form one, large ball.  They come in a number of colours and look stunning alone in a vase.  They also work very well with other flowers and, although they can attract a lot of attention, they don’t mind letting other flowers shine too.

In general, the hydrangea represents devotion, understanding and friendship.  This beautiful meaning is probably another reason why they are such popular flowers to send.  The real meaning of their name is actually derived from a Greek words hydor (meaning water) and angos (meaning vessel).  This name is indicative of both the cup-like shape of the flowers as well as its high water needs.

Hydrangea Flower

You may have also noticed that your florist likes to use hydrangeas as a kind of base for certain arrangements.  Such would include an arrangement of funeral flowers in the shape of a cross.  The base of the cross would be filled with hydrangeas and other flowers are added afterwards for colour and to create a focal point.  More often than not, the hydrangea cross is decorated with roses.  The hydrangeas symbolizing their devotion for the loved one lost and the roses, depending on the colour, will illustrate their degree of affection.

Some have said that hydrangeas are the traditional flower that is symbolic for the 4th wedding anniversary.  However, it is in fact the geranium and, although some kinds fo geranium flowers may look like smaller versions of hydrangeas, they are not related in any way.  In fact, the hydrangea doesn’t even feature on the “birth flowers” list.  This is a list of all the months of the year and a flower is associated with each one, just like a star sign or gemstone.

Despite this, the hydrangea is still a much desired flower and, one of the best things about it is its fantastic size.  What this means to the customer is, less stems to buy and what it means to the florist is less work and quicker results at the end of the day!

Hydrangeas are great for a number of occasions.  How many times have you heard women insist that their partners not spend too much on red roses for Valentine’s Day?  How many times has mum complained about the strict budget you are already on and you can’t afford to waste money on trivial things?  Well, hydrangeas provide you with the perfect solution.  Wow any lucky recipient with some beautiful hydrangeas and be sure to let them know of the meaning associated with it.  Tell them how the flower represents your devotion to them or, if you send flowers to a friend, let them know that it is a token of your friendship.