Make a sunflower candle holder

Sunflowers are excellent decorative displays no matter the season. Of course, during the autumn months, these bright yellow blooms are particularly popular. Not only can they be used to create impressive flower arrangements, but they also make amazing candle holder decorations.

Making your own sunflower candle holder is easy and you don’t need too many supplies either. So, not only is this display easy to make yourself, but it’s also really affordable. You can also choose between fresh and artificial flowers. The former is often preferred for their beauty while the latter is chosen because they last that much longer.

To begin, you will need a small brown pot. Ceramic pots create the best visual effect and they really let the sunflower stand out. Place some foam in the pot and use hot glue to secure it in place. Trim the stem off the sunflower. It should be short but long enough that you can secure the flower into the foam. You want the flower to be placed somewhat inside the pot. In other words, the petals should be forced upwards slightly. Now you can secure your LED candle in place and enjoy! LED candles are the best option because there is no risk of fire. They also last a lot longer than regular candles.

You can place a single sunflower candle on a small table or several on a larger table. It’s good to note that candles offer limited lighting so you might need additional soft lighting in the room in order to make sure that your guests don’t feel like they are eating in darkness.