How to make a Christmas flower dog

If you want to send Christmas flowers or decorate your own home with something really creative, you will love this design. Here’s how to make your own Christmas flower dog.

You will need:

  • Selection of silk flowers (6 large white chrysanthemums, 2 red carnations and 4 smaller white flowers)
  • Basket
  • Round ball of foam
  • Craft dog eyes and nose
  • Decorative bows
  • Filler for the basket
  • Clippers or pliers
  • Glue gun


  • Trim and insert 3 white flowers inside your foam ball. They don’t need to be inserted al the way in. The foam ball only needs to hold the stems in place. Two of the flowers should be next to one another and the third one slightly above to form a triangle. The third flower should also protrude more from the foam ball
  • Insert one red flower on either side of the top white flower to form the ears
  • Place another white flower at the bottom – below where the two bottom flowers meet. This will form the nose. Your nose should stick out most of all.
  • Insert one large flower on either side of the nose and insert them a bit more (you will need to trim the stems shorter than those of your other flowers so far). These two flowers should help fill and shape the nose.
  • Now add four smaller white flowers (with green foliage) to the front of the ball. These will act as his paws so space them out accordingly. These smaller flowers should be about half the size of the other white and red flowers.
  • Place the floral puppy in the basket and, to avoid it from leaning backwards, prop up the foam ball with any filler. You can even use kitchen towels. Make sure that his paws are all sticking out the front of the basket.
  • Use your glue gun to secure the eyes and nose in place.
  • Use your filler material (like moss or any dry straw filler) to cover any visible foam
  • Decorate with ribbons on your puppy’s ears if you like. Use your glue gun again to secure them in place.

This is a fantastic craft to make for yourself or even as a fun Christmas gift for somebody special! Also, you can use fresh flowers if you like but you should remember to fill your floral foam with water and place a plastic drip tray inside the basket.