How to make a Christmas bouquet with vase fillers

Flowers are usually arraned in vases or floral foam. However, there is a wonderful way of combining these two methods in order to create a truly special festive flower display. Here’s how to make your own Christmas flower arrangement with a vase filled with festive decorations.

You will need:

  • Christmas flowers and foliage of your choice
  • Floral foam
  • Clear glass cylindrical vase (short)
  • Festive ribbon
  • Holiday vase fillers like globes or similar Christmas ornaments


  • Start by filling your vase with filler items but make sure that you leave enough space for your floral foam.
  • Cut your floral foam to size and soak in water before placing it inside the vase. The floral foam should not be forced level to the top of the vase. Instead, you should let at least 3 – 4cm protrude from the top. This will help you conceal the foam.
  • Now start adding your flowers and foliage. Trim your stems as you go. Some might need to be longer than others depending on where they are positioned. A thin base of foliage around the rim of the vase is a great start before adding several layers of flowers. Alternate between your colours and different types of flowers so that you don’t create any colour or texture clusters. Add some foliage in between the flowers to complete the effect.
  • Now use your decorative ribbon to hide the floral foam. Wrap the ribbon around the vase and secure it in place with some wood glue or transparent tape. You can add a bow to this point where the tape is secured to hide the join.

As you can see, this is a really quick and easy way of creating a flower arrangement that will make your home extra special this Christmas. If you like, you could even order flowers from your florist and create this special display to really show them off.