Make a beautiful dahlia arrangement

When you think about ordering a flower arrangement or even making your own, you most likely imagine pretty roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, and so on. One flower that does not always get the appreciation it deserves is the dahlia. Dahlias are beautiful blooms that are available in several colours.

Take note that this simple display calls for a bubble bowl. This bowl helps emphasise and enhance the shape of the flowers and it also allows each bloom so show off its beauty. If you choose to add vase fillers, it’s also important to make sure that they are heavy enough to sink to the bottom.

What you need:

  • Dahlias of your choice (you only need one stem per arrangement)

  • Curly willy (two for each arrangement)

  • One bubble bowl per arrangement

  • Vase filler of your choice (about two handfuls)

  • Flower food

  • Sharp pair of scissors


  • Make sure that you keep your dahlias in fresh water while you prepare your bubble bowl.

  • Add some water to the bubble bowl and fill to the halfway mark.

  • Add flower preserve to the water and allow it to dissolve.

  • Now you can add your vase fillers and let them sink to the bottom. Make sure that you place them gently in the water so that they don’t damage the glass bowl. Pebbles, gemstones, and crystals are all great options.

  • Take the curly willow in your hands and arrange them in a ring and make sure that they are in opposite directions. The one end of the curly willow is thicker than the other end so you should place the one thin end alongside the other thick end.

  • Make the ring small enough to fit into the bowl. Once you release it inside, you will notice how it expands to the size of the bowl.

  • Trim the stem of one of your dahlias and make sure that you cut the stem as short as possible. Take care not to cut it too short or the flower could fall apart.

  • Place your trimmed dahlia in the bowl and enjoy the gorgeous floral creation! If you are decorating a specific event, you can make one of these for each table.