Make a beautiful autumn leaf vase

Autumn is one of the most colourful seasons of all. With the changing colours of the leaves, it’s easy to let nature inspire your home d├ęcor and floral designs. Apart from selecting the right flowers and foliage, it’s also important to make sure that you display flower arrangements in the appropriate holders or vases. Once again, autumn has come to the rescue in the form of the most beautiful leaves.

The first thing you will need to do is gather a selection of leaves. They should be both large and medium in size. Small leaves can be difficult to work with and larger leaves offer better coverage. Consider the size of the vase when selecting your leaves.

Make sure that you choose a flat and smooth vase. Clean and dry the vase thoroughly before you begin. Take your largest leaves first. Dust off any dirt and apply some wood glue to the under side of the first leaf. Glue the leaf in place before moving on to the next one. Once you have completed the first layer of leaves, you may want to allow them to dry. Next, you can apply additional leaves to cover any gaps in between.

When you are happy with the design, you can tie some twine to a small pine cone or similar autumn accessory before wrapping it around the vase. Not only will the twine hold the accessories in place, but it will also act as an accessory itself.

Now it’s time to add your flowers. You can use dried flowers, silk blooms, or fresh flowers if you prefer. Fresh flowers will require fresh water while dried and artificial flowers do not. Now all you need to do is enjoy your fabulous autumn arrangement.