How to make an autumn flower ball

Pomander balls can be made using a number of different items. Oranges decorated with whole cloves is a popular and traditional approach but, when it comes to flowers, there’s even more fun to be had! Floral pomander balls can be just about any size you like. You can use fresh flowers, dried flowers, or artificial flowers depending on your needs and preferences. Dried flowers look great if you are creating an autumn theme. If you use fresh or silk flowers, it’s important to choose the appropriate colours for this seasonal theme.

You will need:

  • Flowers of your choice (choose larger, open flowers like carnations, chrysanthemums, or a kind of daisy for best results)
  • Round ball of floral foam
  • Decorative ribbon (strong material – not paper)


  • If you want to use fresh flowers, you will need to soak the floral foam before you begin arranging your flowers. Remember to soak the foam thoroughly and, while you’re creating your arrangement, you should protect your work surface from water damage.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the ball in the shape of a cross (much like you would a boxed gift). Wrap around from top to bottom and tie a knot before running the ribbon back to the top and creating four equal sections of foam. Make a look at the top from which to hang your pomander ball once it is complete.
  • Start by arranging your flowers along the sides of the ribbon. If you are planning on using a single colour (such as orange) then this will be even easier. If you are using more than one colour, you should alternate between colours and be careful not to create clusters of a single colour anywhere in your design. Some colours that look great together include rusty orange, dark red, and you can even add spots of off-white if you want to break the colour.
  • Once you have completed the areas next to the ribbon, it’s time to fill the rest of the foam. Remember, you should not see any of the ribbon once all of your flowers are in place!
  • Once your design is complete, you can add accessories if you like. A few sprigs of autumn berries, some gold-sprayed twigs, and similar lightweight objects are all great. Be careful not to add anything too heavy that will weigh the arrangement down.
  • When you have arranged all of your flowers and accessories, it’s time to put your pomander ball on display. Take care not to place in any windy areas and avoid direct sunlight.