Lady Slipper Orchid to have its own security team

The rarest flower in Britain will go on display this week at the Chelsea Flower Show. The Lady Slipper orchid is well renowned as Britain’s rarest flower because of the difficulty it is to grow it. The flower will have its own security team to protect it when it goes on view to the public.

The orchid was rescued from extinction by scientists and is one of the most protected flowers in the world through wildlife laws. It will be part of the Le Jardin de Yorkshire exhibition which will promote tourism in Yorkshire.

A group of botanical experts volunteer to look after and protect the rare flower.

The flower was thought to be extinct for many years until by chance it was found growing in a garden in Yorkshire in the 1930s. Michael Tibbs, an orchid expert, said the exact place where the orchid was found is a closely guarded secret.

The location is only known to a few people and because it is a very difficult to grow plant the secrecy of the location is very important.

One cutting of the Lady Slipper can bring in up to £5,000. The plant has since been planted in various locations across the North England.

The Le Jardin de Yorkshire celebrates the centenary year of the Chelsea Flower Show and of the Tour de France in 2014 as it prepares to run through Yorkshire for the first ever time.