Kitchen flowers for the summer months

When decorating your home with fresh blooms, you want to take on each room as an individual challenge. If you try to do too much all at once, it can become confusing and overwhelming. One of the most frequented rooms in your home is your kitchen which is why you need the perfect kitchen flowers to make this area warm and welcoming. Here are some steps you can follow each time you choose a kitchen bouquet. Remember, these are guidelines that you can adapt according to your preferences, the colour scheme of the room and the season.

Choose a theme

Before you choose kitchen flowers, you need to make sure that you understand the decorative theme of this room. There are two main themes that most homeowners choose: modern or traditional (or rustic). Modern styles will have bolder, solid colours with linear d├ęcor. Traditional or rustic designs have a cozy feel to them with plenty of pastels and warm colours.

Modern designs

If you are shopping for kitchen flowers for a modern setting, you will need to start with the right vase. The vase you select can make or break your design which is why this is of utmost importance. If you have any chrome or silver-coloured accessories and appliances in your kitchen, you could always decorate with a silver vase. Alternatively, plain black or white ceramic vases are also a lovely choice. Remember, when in doubt, a plain, clear glass vase is always a safe bet. It will not clash with anything. Just remember that it should be plain and void of any engravings, patterns or designs.

Rustic options

If you are planning on decorating according to a rustic theme, there are a number of excellent types of vases you can use. Consider anything that has a copper colour or earthy tone. Brown ceramic vases are great as well as watering cans. Enamel-coated watering cans and buckets are also a lovely choice. Just make sure that the colour of the enamel suits the colour scheme of the kitchen and your flowers too.

Choose your blooms

Once your vase is ready, it’s time to choose your kitchen flowers! For a modern kitchen, you should opt for bold colours like red, bright yellow, orange and even pure white. For rustic designs, you can use off-white, pastels and some bold colours like purple if you like. In fact, the best design for a traditional style kitchen is a wild flower bouquet or even a dried flower arrangement. Other flowers with stronger, bolder shapes such as roses and lilies are best suited for modern settings.

Once you have selected your kitchen flowers, all that is left is to display them wherever you see fit. Do make sure that you keep them out of the direct sunlight and in an area protected from any wind. You should take care to monitor the vase water level and quality. Change the water regularly to keep your flowers fresher for longer.