Keeping your plants hydrated while you’re on holiday

There are few things more disappointing than returning from a lovely holiday only to find that some or all of your precious potted plants have perished. Even if they have not completely withered, getting them back to their former glory is a substantial challenge. Here are some helpful tips to keep your plants happy while you’re away.

Check the weather

Even if you don’t keep your potted plants outside, you should still check the weather forecast to determine just how hot or cool it will be. The warmer the weather, the greater the rate of evaporation which means that water is even more important.

Automatic watering

If you set any of your potted plants outside in a safe part of your garden, you might be able to set your automatic sprinklers so that these pots also receive a fair amount of water. That said, if you are worried about excessive or torrential rains, then keeping those pots indoors is a better option.

Look for the perfect spot

Make sure that you put your potted plants in just the right place in your home. If they like sun in the morning, place them in a room that receives morning sun. If it’s cold outside, make sure that you keep them in the warmest room in the house so that they don’t get too cold while you’re away.

Water and mulch

Make sure that you water your plants before you leave and place some mulch on top of each pot to slow down the rate of evaporation. Keep the soil moist to keep your plants happy.


If your plants enjoy a humid environment, you can set them on trays with pebbles and add water to these trays so that the water is not absorbed by the soil but evaporates into the surrounding air instead.

Get creative

You could also get a bit creative using plastic bottles if you like. Simply pierce a small hole or two in a plastic bottle and fill it with water. Stabilize the bottle by attaching it to your burglar bars or anything that will hold the weight. Larger pots might be able to hold the water bottle so there’s no need for additional support. Make sure that the hole or holes are at the lowest point of the bottle. The water will gently drip out and keep the soil moist without flooding the poor plant.

Ask for help

Finally, if you want to play it extra safe, you could always ask a neighbour of family member to check on your plants for you. For many, however, this is a last resort since we generally don’t like to trouble people with our responsibilities. It’s good, however, to keep this option in mind if you have any particularly expensive plants that require regular love and care.