Keep flowers fresh overnight for delivery

One of the greatest challenges of ordering flowers before an event or occasion is keeping them fresh overnight. For example, if you are planning on visiting a loved one on their birthday and you want to take a fresh bouquet, you should have it delivered the day before. Florists can schedule the flower delivery for a specific day but there is no way of knowing exactly what time they will arrive – this is why you need to have them delivered a day early. Now that your flowers have arrived,what do you do with them?

Firstly, you need to make sure that the flowers have fresh water. The bouquet will probably arrive packaged in some kind of decorative wrapping paper which means that you might need to unwrap it before placing it in the vase. You can trip the stems at an angle to help ensure better water absorption and remove any lower leaves too. In other words – you should do all the things you normally would when receiving a fresh flower delivery.

The only difference being that you will not place the bouquet on display. You should, instead, place them in a cool spot. Keep the arrangement out of the sun, away from heaters, fans, air conditioners, and anything that could cause damage to the flowers. Keep the door to that room shut if you have pets or small children. Make sure that the flowers enjoy an undisturbed soak overnight so that they are fresh and fabulous in the morning.

When the time comes to deliver the bouquet, you will need to empty out most (not all) of the vase water. Secure the bouquet in a container or box on the floor of your car or have a handy helper hold the bouquet while you drive. Keep the windows shut or, if you must open one, make sure you only open one window. Do not allow the arrangement to be affected by wind, the air conditioner in your car, or direct sunlight. As soon as you deliver the flowers, the lucky recipient need only top up the water and add some flower food! You would have done all the pre-display care and they can enjoy their special floral gift!