Keep your bouquet of cut roses for longer

When the doorbell rings and we open it to the surprising sight of a florist delivery man with fresh flowers in hand, it’s the kind of thing that makes you smile instantly.  That beautiful bouquet of roses means that somebody is thinking of you.  Their sweet perfume and beauty make them special and a popular choice for many different occasions.  On the down side, just like any other type of fresh blooms, your roses will eventually wilt and die.  There’s not much you can do about it but, you can do everything in your power to make them last as long as possible.

If you are fortunate enough to have roses growing your own garden, then you obviously want to pick some from time to time in order to give your home some extra colour.  When cutting them from the main plant, you need to remember some important things.  Firstly, you should cut them first thing in the morning or in the evening just before the sun goes down.  These times of the day are best because the flowers have higher levels of starch which will help them last longer.

It’s also important to cut them when they are dry.  When cutting roses, choose those that are still in bud form but not a tight bud.  Slightly opened roses are ideal because you know that they will continue to open after being cut.  Tightly closed buds might not open.

Use a sharp pruner instead of your regular pair of scissors.  Scissors have a nasty habit of crushing the stems and this damages the flower step as well as the main plant itself.  When you go out into your garden, keep a bucket with some room temperature water beside you.  That way, as soon as you cut them, you can place them directly in some water and prevent them from dehydrating and wilting.

Now, whether you have bought your roses or picked them yourself, you will need to trim your stems again with a very sharp knife.  Cut them at a 45 degree angle to increase the surface area for absorption and prevent the stems from resting flat against the bottom of the vase.  If they are flat, it will block the water from entering the stem. Remove any excess leaves and make sure that you dissolve some flower preserve in the vase water before you add your flowers.

This final point is where so many people go wrong.  When selecting the perfect spot to display your arrangement, you need to find a place in your home that keeps them out of direct sunlight, out of the wind and far from heaters or air conditioners.  If your roses do begin to wilt, you can revive them by wrapping them tightly in some newspaper and putting them in water right up to the base of the flower.  If you dry your roses out and you want to refresh your dried rose bouquet, you can use some steaming water in your kettle or pot and allow it to rise between the petals.

If your roses start to lose their petals and you don’t have much left to create a dried arrangement, you can remove the petals, dry them out on a flat surface and make your own potpourri!  There’s always a way in which you can get the most out of your flowers. It might just mean that you need to get a little creative.