Interesting types of roses

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world. Not only are they a top choice for florists, but they are often grown in pots and gardens. As much as we love these flowers, many people do not know that roses are more diverse than we realise. Avalanche and Memory Lane varieties are some of the most well-known but here are some types that you may not be aware of.

Grasshopper Variety

These flowers are native to Holland and also called the grassheart rose. The petals are bright green and yellow with a red centre. They have an almost exotic appearance. This plant produces medium-sized flowers and they can have a particularly strong scent. There are, however, some that do not have any scent at all. They open quickly and tend to be a bit more expensive than other popular roses.

Old Rose

Antique roses are the predecessor of many roses we know and love today. They are believed to date back to the Roman Empire and are associated with romance. They are loved for their beauty and sweet perfume. The hybrid tea rose is part of this diverse species and is a popular addition to gardens where winters are known for being on the colder side. They hold up well in such fluctuating climates and they are also very disease-resistant which makes them easy to grow.


The Golden Ophelia is extremely rare and absolutely stunning. The potent fragrance and perfect buds make these roses truly unique. They can grow up to 60cm in height and the plant is known to flower over and over again.

Black Roses

Found in a Turkish village, these blooms are actually a very dark shade of red. During the spring months, however, the petals turn jet black and this is when they are most desirable. While they look like other popular roses, their colour makes them unique and sought after. This particular type of flower is currently a protected species.

No matter the type of roses you send to your loved ones, you can always be sure that the flower will be easily recognised. Rose bouquets are always very much appreciated and red roses are the top choice for occasions like Valentine’s Day.