Ideas for tall floral centrepieces

While many people choose to place small, low lying flower arrangements on dinner tables, they might forget that tall centrepieces are still a popular option. Just because you have a round table, does not mean that your flowers need to be kept as low down as possible. Tall arrangements can be raised in such a way that they do not obstruct the view from one side of the table to the other. So, your guests will still be able to communicate and enjoy their meal together without a hitch!


The first design will make use of a cluster of three tall, clear, cylindrical vases. Decorate the vases with some ribbon, fill the cylinders with water and arrange your flowers inside. Use the same kinds of flowers to decorate around the base of the flowers. You can even suspend some accessories from the upper level bouquets so that they dangle down towards the table.


Another alternative is to use a clear glass vase with a wide base, narrow middle and broad top. Some vases have a flared base with a separate top section for your flowers. You can use floral foam to arrange your flowers but make sure that you drape the flowers and foliage down a bit so that they conceal the foam. Use short-stemmed flowers for this kind of arrangement.


You can even use a tall, slender, white ceramic vase and add some long stemmed flowers spraying out in every direction. The length of the stems should be appropriate based on the height of the vase. You can use any colour you like but cherry blossoms will look particularly delightful.


If you are looking for a horizontal display with the added visual aspect of height, then this is a simple yet beautiful arrangement that will suit many occasions. Place a long, rectangular shaped clear glass or plastic tray (with raised sides) down the centre of the table. Place three or five (depending on the length of the table and arrangement) transparent glass tubular stands along the centre line of the tray. You should opt for various heights and place the tallest one in the middle with a shorter stand on either side and, if you use seven, an even shorter one on each far side. Place a thick white candle on each glass stand and surround the bases of the stands with flowers of your choice. The best kinds of flowers to use would be carnations, roses and similar flowers. You can also add some long-stemmed flowers like calla lilies and have them extend outwards on either side of the horizontal arrangement. Needless to say, the flowers should be secured in floral foam.