How to create a floral chandelier

If you want to create a memorable hanging flower display, you will love this floral chandelier craft. All you need to do is choose the right flowers and set aside about one or two hours to create this design.

What you need for a floral chandelier

  • Fresh flowers
  • Fresh foliage
  • Floral hoop (must be smaller than the wire wreath)
  • Wire wreath (must be larger than the floral hoop)
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Fishing line
  • A pair of scissors
  • Crimp tubes
  • Pliers

The best flowers

When choosing flowers for your floral chandelier, it’s important to select blooms that will last without water and create a strong visual impact. Examples of suitable flowers include: carnations, pink hyacinths, amaranthus, baby’s breath, hydrangeas, peonies and dahlia buds. Selecting the flowers and foliage for your display is your chance to express your personality and enjoy some fantastic creativity.

Step 1:

Attach the wreath to the floral hoop using a fishing line. Once you have determined the distance you would like between the top and bottom rings, you can cut and attach four pieces of fishing line. Make sure that they are of equal length so that your floral chandelier is perfectly balanced. You can knot the fishing line and use clear tape to secure them in place. Alternatively, you can use crimp tubes and pliers to create an even more secure design.

Step 2:

Wrap the foliage around the small hoop. It’s often best to use foliage that is long like a vine. It is easier to work with and you can secure your foliage using floral wire and tape. Allow the foliage to hang naturally from the hoop and make sure that you don’t leave any empty spaces in between. It’s better to overlap your greenery so that there are no spaces.

Step 3:

Add foliage to the larger lower hoop and make sure that you cover it perfectly. Add more than one layer of foliage to create an impressive display. Again, allow the foliage to hang down slightly. The higher you hang your floral chandelier, the larger it should be and the longer these foliage trails should be.

Step 4:

Hang the chandelier so that you can make any necessary adjustments. You can use fishing line, ribbon or twine to suspend the top hoop from the ceiling or a ceiling beam. This will make it easier to decorate with flowers in the next step.

Step 5:

Add flowers to your floral chandelier. You will need to attach each flower stem one by one. You can create clusters of flowers and secure the stems with floral wire and tape before adding them to the chandelier. Clusters of three flowers usually works best.

Step 6:

Add small flowers and foliage to fill in any empty spaces. Make sure that you keep the visual balance in mind in terms of colour and texture.

You should create your floral chandelier as late as possible or as close to the event as possible. This will help ensure maximum freshness. It’s also a good idea to hang your flowers out of the sun and you can mist them just before your guests are scheduled to arrive.