How to choose the best flower arrangement

Whenever you find yourself in search of the gift that will make your friend or loved one feel special, remember that you can’t go wrong with a fresh flower arrangement. Fresh flowers make an excellent gift for all occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations and more. If you are not sure about the best type of bouquet for the recipient, here are a few options and points to consider.

Somewhat traditional

If the recipient is someone with more of a conservative or traditional personality, then you might like to send a flower arrangement in a modest vase. You can combine several colours and textures in the bouquet. Some of the top blooms to look for include carnations, lilies and roses. You should also include some foliage for good measure. Depending on the age and personal preferences of the recipient, you can choose between pastel colours and bolder shades.

A modern approach

For somebody who enjoys modern d├ęcor, you don’t want your flower arrangement to clash with their style. This is why it’s best to stick to a single colour. In other words, choose a colour like pink, red, white or yellow and send a bouquet that only includes this colour. You could even send a single type of flower in the same colour. Red roses, for example, are perfect if you want to send a romantic gift to somebody with modern style. You can also choose several flowers in the same colour if you prefer.

A touch of country

For that country style home, you want the flower arrangement you send to really embrace the wild beauty of nature. So, instead of arranging a mixture of flowers in a plain glass vase, you can arrange them in a watering can or rustic-style basket. The best colours for these arrangements include orange, red, yellow and similar warm colours. Gerbera daisies are fantastic because of their colours and size. Of course, while they make excellent focal flowers, you can add smaller filler flowers to complete the design.

Spice it up

When it comes to a romantic flower arrangement, there is no denying the fact that red roses are the number one choice. There are, however, some people out there who are not totally infatuated with red roses. If this is the case, you could opt for roses in another colour, a mixed bouquet of red flowers or simply send them a bouquet of their favourite flowers instead!

The key to sending the best flower arrangement to somebody special is making them feel special. Taking the time to consider their preferences will make all the difference. It will show them that you didn’t shop in a hurry and you really considered their gift carefully.