House warming gift ideas

Life is filled with many amazing milestones. Of all of them, one of the most important is when you move into your new home. Whether you are renting a flat or you have bought your first home, the experience of moving into your own space is amazing. It’s such an important moment that we often choose to share in our joy by hosting a house warming party. If you are invited to such a party, don’t forget to take a house warming gift along with you.

A polite custom

The party might be a relaxed lunch, a sophisticated dinner, or even a fun BBQ. The type of event will depend on the amount of space that the host has available and whatever seems most practical. Many people opt for something more casual since they might still be unpacking and settling in.

Choosing a gift

It is considered customary to take along a house warming gift when you visit their new home for the first time. Of course, if you helped them move, you can wait for the official party to present your gift. There are a number of excellent gift ideas depending on your budget and the recipient’s preferences.

Potted plants

Potted plants will always make an excellent house warming gift because it is something that you can be sure they will not already have. Even if they have a plant or two, your plant will be a fresh addition. If you are not sure about their plant care skills, you can always opt for a succulent since these are the easiest to care for.

Consider their needs

If you are not sure whether they will be able to find a home for their new potted plant, you could present them with a beautiful fresh bouquet. Bright, fresh flowers make a superb house warming gift. They will make the house feel like a home. Especially if you choose warm colours to brighten up the room.

Once you have selected your plant or bouquet, you can always order something extra. Some of the most popular extras include wine, chocolates or bright balloons. Consider what your fiend or loved one will love the most.