Horizontal Christmas flower arrangements

When you think about Christmas flowers, you can most likely imagine red, white, and green bouquets. If you are planning on hosting guests for a Christmas lunch or dinner, then décor will be one of your main priorities and flowers are undoubtedly a must. Whether you are planning on serving a buffet or plated meal, you will need to decorate your table. You could make the arrangement yourself or you could order flowers from your florist. The latter is obviously favourable since you will probably be so busy cooking and cleaning that you won’t have time for décor.

When you think about the kinds of flowers that you would like to decorate your table or tables for Christmas, you most likely imagine red roses, red carnations, some white flowers, or even poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe. If your table is round, you will need a round bouquet. However, rectangular tables are best decorated with horizontal flower arrangements since they will extend beautifully along the centre line of the table without taking up too much space.

There are a number of flowers that you can use and you’re practically not limited in terms of flower choices. When it comes to the foliage, however, you will need leaves like ivy that can be used to trail along the table. Some long-stemmed flowers will also come in handy since they will trail along with the ivy. Remember, these arrangements have one main central point which is usually a block of floral foam set on a waterproof base. The foam and base are concealed by the flowers and foliage but even the longest pieces of foliage will be set in the foam. This is because the foam steadies each stem and provides your flowers and foliage with a source of water. When choosing your foliage, don’t forget the importance of choosing more than one type of greenery. Most florists understand the importance of using different textures and this is why they usually include two to three different types of foliage. Pine, fir, pistacia, and ivy are all great examples.

Some flowers and plants are particularly associated with the holidays such as holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias. Poinsettias aren’t actually flowers but rather colourful leaves that give the appearance of a flower. These colourful leaves can be added to any festive bouquet for that bright touch of red. Remember to always ask your florist about seasonal flowers. Seasonal flowers are more readily available which means that they fetch a more reasonable price. They also last longer because they aren’t artificially grown or imported.

Once you have your flowers and foliage in place, it’s time for some accessories! Accessories really can make all the difference so choose wisely! Some prefer a natural approach with such things as pine cones. Others want to add some sparkle so they add glittering beads, spray painted pine cones, and even spray painted sticks. You could even use some of your favourite Christmas tree decorations and add them to your flower bouquet instead! If you want to add some soft lighting to the room,consider placing a candle in the middle of the bouquet. Just make sure that the candle does not burn so low that it comes into contact with the flowers or leaves.