Homemade Mother’s Day treats to spoil her

Mothers around the world will agree that the best gift you can give them is a homemade Mother’s Day gift. If you are not sure what to make for mum this year, here are some delicious treats that will look and taste amazing. If you want to opt for something non-edible, below you will see some other colourful ideas as well. She will certainly be impressed by your creativity!

Cupcake bouquets

This is a really easy homemade Mother’s Day gift and you can even let young children lend a hand. All you need to do is bake or buy some cupcakes. Next, you will need to decorate them with some icing sugar and perhaps some sprinkles too. Once you have them ready, simply arrange them in a pretty painted bucket. You will need to place a filler in the bucket and then place your cupcakes on top. You can use kebab skewers to secure them in place. For some extra d├ęcor, wrap each cupcake in some green crepe paper to resemble foliage.

Floral cookies

This is another easy idea for homemade Mother’s Day treats. All you need is a box or two of Oreos (or similar round biscuits) and some fondant in various colours. You will need to create some petals out of the fondant and adhere them to the cookies using melted chocolate or icing sugar. Once they are set, you can place them on a plate and serve to mum.

Rock Cactus Design

If you want to give mum a plant but you know that she isn’t all that great about caring for them, you could opt for a homemade Mother’s Day cactus instead. All you need to do is pick a few smooth, oval-shaped rocks. Wash them off and paint them in various shades of green. Make sure that they are large enough so that half of the rock can be anchored in the potting soil. Once you have painted them one shade of green, you can add dots in another shade of green to resemble spikes. Once dry, apply a clear coat to give them a lovely shine. Now you can plant them in a ceramic pot and secure them in place by submerging enough of each rock in the soil. Sprinkle some small white stones around to cover the soil and add a ribbon to the pot for that perfect final touch.

Flowers in a box

There is nothing like taking a soothing stroll around a local field of fresh flowers. You can create this experience for mum thanks to this homemade Mother’s Day gift idea. All you will need is a box or basket of your choice. You can pick flowers from your garden or somewhere nearby and arrange them in the box. Now, in order to prevent the flowers from perishing too quickly, all you need to do is place some soaked floral foam in the basket. Make sure you place a tray underneath it so that the basket or box does not get wet. If the flower stems are very thin, make holes for them using a toothpick or something similar. Insert the stem along with the toothpick before removing the toothpick to allow the flower to stand alone.

Now that you have some edible and non-edible handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas, it’s time to get crafting! If you are planning baking up a storm, you should do so the day before. However, you can start gathering all of your ingredients now. Make sure that you always buy extra, just incase.