The Harrogate Flower Show

Many people argue that the Harrogate Flower Show is one of or even the best in the country.  Sure, you will probably find a lot of similar elements as can be found in other flower shows but those who favour this over any other feel that they simply bring things to a whole new level. The flowers and plants that are on display are really unique. Many of them aren’t available locally at your nursery or florist so this really is a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with some otherwise unavailable species.

flower garden

The show will be open from the 12th to the 14th of September 2014 and it promises to be a real smash. At Prestige Flowers, we pay close attention to such events since they help us bring you the very best in new trends and designs. Tickets will be available at the gates but, if you want to get them at a discounted price, you can purchase them in advance. The show welcomes anyone and everyone regardless of age. There are a number of discounts offered to encourage children and students to visit. If you are worried about making the trip from the car / coach park to the entrance, there will be courtesy buses available to make your trip that much easier.

Being a flower show, for the most part, the theme is centred around flowers and gardening.  There will be a number of garden displays on show for all guests to see and be inspired by. Nurseries from all over the country will be sending their teams in to create innovative garden displays as they compete for attention and coveted awards.

The largest floral art marquee in the whole of the UK can be found right here at the Harrogate Flower Show. Flower clubs, students and even individual entries are accepted for these displays and the show encourages a creative collaboration of flowers and art in any and every possible way. Flowers are a part of our world so we should make a point of keeping them in as many parts of our everyday lives too. Art, and floral art, comes in many different forms including photography.  Flowers and plants can truly be appreciated when captured on film and, this is one of the reasons why floral photography competitions are such a popular part of flower shows today.

A new addition to this year’s show is called The Core and the theme is Pip to Press. Learn all about apples and watch as they are pressed before your eyes. You can even bring your own apples along to press and taste! There are even activities for children, demonstrations of willow apple weaving and plenty more for the whole family to enjoy in this one marquee. Inspiration Street will be another must see at the show and, with vague or no restriction of an actual theme, participants can really get creative.

There’s nothing better than a hands on experience so take the opportunity to learn a thing or ten from the professionals. Be prepared to get a little dirty! Needless to say, a little dirt under your nails is but a small price to pay for everything you can learn.

Getting hungry yet? Cookery displays, demonstrations and the food marquee will be more than enough to work up your appetite and fill your tummy shortly after. Skip breakfast at home and enjoy some delicious treats at the show instead!  It’s all here at the Harrogate Flower Show yet again. Don’t miss out!