How to grow cacti indoors

Cacti are easy plants to grow. They are not nearly as demanding as other types of plants and they generally grow slower which means that they don’t need to be re-potted too often. These advantages coupled with their usual yet undeniable beauty make them a top choice for many.

If you are planning on growing a plant from a clipping, you will need to clip a piece off a healthy plant. You will need to look for a pup that is in good health and shows no signs of discolouration. Clip the entire pup off from the plant and do so using a very sharp cutting instrument. Now you will need to place the cutting in a sunny spot like a windowsill and allow it to sit for 2 days. If you skip this step, it will usually result in rotting.

Now to choose a pot for your cactus. The pot needs to offer proper drainage so make sure that there are enough holes in the bottom. Cacti usually prefer smaller pots so make sure that you do not choose one that’s too big. Both clay and plastic pots will work. Most people choose clay pots for the appearance but plastic ones are cheaper. If you choose a plastic pot, you might prefer a brown-coloured one.

Fill the pot with soil suited for cacti. Yes, there is such a thing! This soil offers maximum drainage which is what cacti need to flourish. You can even add some lava rock pebbles to the potting mix if you want to offer even better drainage.

Now plant your cactus cutting in the soil with the callous down. Push it in the soil enough so that it is properly supported but not buried. Now firm the soil around the cactus with your fingers. Use a spray bottle to mist the soil. You can mist the soil until the roots form. If you add too much water, the cutting can rot rather than grow.

Your cactus should be placed in a sunny spot. If your cactus starts to become discoloured, you should move it to a window with less sun. Usually a kitchen or bathroom window works best. During the growing season, you should water your cactus every week. Check the soil every time before watering. If it feels damp, wait another day or two. You can also fertilise once a week during the growing seasoning. Always use recommended fertilisers for cacti and follow the instructions.

Make sure that there is plenty of ventilation but avoid harsh breezes. You should rotate the pot every month to encourage balanced growth. Cacti usually need to be potted once a year but you can take your lead from the size of the plant as it grows.