Graduation gifts for him

For many, buying flowers for a female recipient is fairly easy. For men, on the other hand, sending flowers for his graduation might not seem quite as simple. There are some significant differences between flowers for men and flowers for women. That said, the bottom line is that your flower delivery has the same goal no matter the gender of the recipient – it is supposed to fill them with joy.

When choosing flowers for a graduation gift for him, it’s important to consider two main aspects – colour and style. While women are usually more inclined towards pastels and pinks, men appreciate more defined, bright colours. In other words, a bunch of light pink flowers would be great for a female recipient but, for men, you would be better off looking for bright orange, yellow, or even contrasting that bright yellow with some blue or dark purple.

Take note of the shape of the flowers as well, while you’re at it. A bouquet for a woman can consist of just about any flower while flowers for men should have more defined shapes. In other words, instead of the almost frilly appearance of a carnation, consider an orchid, snapdragons, or even lilies.

That said, if you want to do something really creative, you could use a straight-shaped jug and arrange some white carnations inside. Fill the jug with golden-yellow stones or a kind of gel. Place a floral foam disc on top of the stones or gel and make sure that it is not higher than the lip of the jug. The floral foam should be cut to fit snugly inside the jug and it should be properly soaked. You should also secure a thick white ribbon around the edge of the foam so that the green is not visible. Now cut the stems of your carnations so that they can be placed in the foam without the stems showing. Fill the foam with carnations and this will give you the impression a jug of freshly poured beer!

This is just one way of giving your flower arrangement a more masculine theme. You could also place the flowers in other decorative items like a truck, BBQ, or golf ball-shaped vase. It all comes down to what you think he will enjoy the most based on his personal hobbies and interests. Don’t forget to ask your florist about adding a bottle of bubbly to your flower order while you’re at it!