Get your kids involved with gardening

Gardening is great for keeping your yard in shape and making it your very own wonderful escape. The colour green is known for having a calming effect and it’s the perfect setting when you need to relax. Gardening can also be a great opportunity to spend some extra time with the kids! No matter their age, there’s always some way of keeping the little ones entertained while tending to your plants.

The first thing you need to do is consider your child’s age and interests. Some children enjoy exploring the bugs and worms in the dirt while others are the exact opposite. Use this time together to teach your little one about nature and the important role that each bug has to play in the garden.

Be prepared for your kids to get dirty! Gardening is extra messy when you’re little so make sure that they are wearing old clothes. You might even need to give their clothes a good rinse or pre-wash before washing them in your washing machine! You wouldn’t want all that mud and dirt to end up in your washer!

Now, when you are in the garden, you should set aside a space for each child. This will give them boundaries and prevent disagreements. Depending on their age, you could ask them to remove weeds or plant seedlings. You could even create a mini garden for each of your children and let them grow their own vegetables or flowers! This way, they are responsible for this part of the garden on a daily basis and they will learn about how flowers or veggies grow!

Remember to let your kids choose the plants they want to grow. Take them along with you when you shop for seeds or seedlings. Take a moment to understand what the needs of the plant are. For example, if they need shade, then you need to make sure that you allow your child to tend to a shady area in the garden.

With all of these tips in mind, it will be that much easier to keep your children and your garden happy! Your kids will also spend that much more time outdoors which is always great!