Funeral flowers versus sympathy blooms

Funeral flowers and sympathy flowers might sound like one and the same thing to many of us. However, there are some very distinct differences between the two. Whether you have lost a loved one or you know somebody who is grieving, it is always important to understand the differences between these types of bouquets and, if you are sending blooms, make sure that you practice proper etiquette as well.

Sympathy bouquets

Sympathy flowers should be fairly easy to understand. These are the bouquets that you will send to the family of somebody who has passed away. These blooms are a symbol of your condolences and they offer support during such a difficult time. While you won’t usually find funeral flowers advertised on your florist’s website, you will most likely find a section dedicated to sympathy blooms. You will notice that there are a number of white and green bouquets which are a sign of respect for their loss. Of course, there is no rule that says you cannot send a colourful bouquet. Some sympathy arrangements include warm colours like orange and pink They are designed in a respectful manner in order to help lift the spirits of the recipient and offer them hope.

Funeral arrangements

As for funeral flowers, these are generally blooms that are used to decorate the venue where the funeral or memorial service will be held. Just like sympathy bouquets, white and green are considered to be the top choice in terms of colour schemes. However, as mentioned above, there are no rules against adding some colour. Especially if you want to add a splash of your loved one’s favourite colour as a way of honouring their memory. Some of the most popular designs that you will find at funerals include wreaths, coffin sprays and even floral crosses.


While there are no set rules when it comes to funeral flowers or sympathy bouquets, it is important to remember basic etiquette. The person planning the funeral will choose the d├ęcor so it is best to leave it up to them and keep any comments positive. As for sending a bouquet to their home, you might want to have it delivered by the florist so that you can show your support without making them feel like they are obligated to invite you in. You should also take your time when composing a message that will be included in the card attached to the bouquet. You want it to be sincere and you want to let the recipient know who the flowers are from. If you want to help with the funeral arrangements, you should rather specify this in person or over the phone and keep the card space for your heartfelt condolences.