Funeral flowers to honour men

Funerals are not the kind of event that we like to plan. However, when a loved one passes away, it’s important to honour their memory. Funeral flowers for men can be even trickier since you want to celebrate their life while embracing their masculine side. Here are some important points to consider.

Flowers and meanings

Firstly, you need to keep in mind the fact that flowers all have different meanings. Funeral flowers are no different. Blooms that are associated with grief or goodbyes include calendulas and cyclamens. These flowers are excellent for saying goodbye in a respectful way.

Think of their favourites

A thoughtful gesture is to choose arrangements that consist of or include their favourites. If he has a particular favourite flower, they should certainly be part of his funeral flowers. It will be the best way of showing your love and respect. It’s the perfect personal touch.

The right colours

Colours are always important when it comes to choosing flowers. While many people believe that funeral flowers should be white and green, there is nothing wrong with a bit of colour. Especially if you know that he had a particular favourite colour. For example, if he loved red, you can order white bouquets with splashes of red. You could even opt for a floral cross made with white hydrangeas and some red rose accents.

Flower types

Different types of flowers suit different occasions and, when it comes to funeral flowers, some blooms are better than others. Roses are popular for many occasions and each colour has a different meaning. If you want flowers for your spouse, red roses can be added to the bouquets. White and red roses combined represent unity which can be the message you want to send as part of your final farewell.

Popular options

As for popular types of funeral flowers, you can always consider carnations or chrysanthemums because they are associated with Christ. White and red carnations send a similar message as red and white roses. Chrysanthemums are mostly associated with friendship while, in Europe and Asia, they symbolise death and grief.

There is not necessarily a wrong type of flower to choose when it comes to funeral flowers. As long as the bouquets are arranged in good taste, you can be sure that they will send the perfect message.