Funeral flowers suitable for men

It’s difficult enough finding the right funeral flowers for somebody you love.  It can be even trickier if the deceased is a man.  There are some flowers that have been determined as more suitable for men while others are best for women.  During a time of grief, it can be quite overwhelming trying to select the perfect flower arrangements.  If you know which ones are best suited for men, it will at least help you narrow down your choices.


The first important point to keep in mind is that flowers are all associated with different meanings.  When choosing funeral flowers, you should choose something that will send a message of farewell.  Cyclamens are associated with a message of goodbye and calendulas represent grief.


You should also include flowers that you know the deceased enjoyed.  Their favourite flowers need not solely make up every bouquet.  They can be added along with other flowers to send a message farewell that will be sentimental and personal.


When sending flower to a woman, you would usually choose pastel colours while bouquets for men include stronger, bolder colours.  Dark blues, purple and orange are quite popular so don’t be afraid to add these colours to funeral flowers for men.  In some cases, people choose to stick with the classic white and green arrangement.  If you like, you can add a touch of colour too.  For instance, if you order a floral cross made up of white hydrangeas, you can add some colourful blooms to the centre of the cross to create a focal point.


It is also important to consider the types of flowers you choose.  Roses are quite popular and each colour has its own special meaning.  So, you will need to think of the message you wish to send before choosing the colour.  The spouse or partner of the deceased may choose to add red roses but these might not be appropriate for a family friend since red roses represent a message or romantic love.  White roses symbolise purity and, when combined with red ones, the bouqet sends a message of unity.


Chrysanthemums and carnations are also really popular.  Carnations are selected since they are associated with Jesus Christ.  It is believed that, when Mary cried over the death of Jesus, it brought about the existence of carnations.  White and red carnations send a similar message as red and white roses.  Chrysanthemums are usually associated with friendship and red chrysanthemums send a message of love.  In Asia and Europe, they symbolise grief and death.


A funeral is not the kind of event that you can really plan since death usually comes so unexpectedly.  Your choice in flowers will usually be determined by the season.  So, during the cooler autumn months, you will most likely find such fresh flowers as lilies, carnations and roses.  IN the winter, you can add berries to the bouquet for added colour.  In the warmer months of the year, carnations, gladiolas, daffodils and irises are in abundance.  If you are ever in doubt as to the types of flowers to choose, it is best to consult with your local florist.  They will have several options in terms of flowers, foliage and they can make colour combination suggestions.