Funeral flowers for this season

Losing a loved one is never an easy experience. While dealing with all those raw emotions and pain, the family must make a plan for his funeral. Time is running out, and many people feel compelled to make decisions they wish they’d given more thought to. When paying tribute to a loved one during the autumn months, it’s easy to let the weather get you down. So, instead of letting yourself feel the effects of grief multiplied by the less than abundant season, you can choose somewhat happier funeral flowers instead.

Seasonal colours

Consider combining the usual autumn colours such as red, orange, and yellow, with some pastel pinks and a dash of dark green foliage. The lighter colours will help the darker ones stand out even more, as will the dark green leaves. The colours of the funeral flowers you choose can also reflect the personality of the person you wish to honour.

Elegant white blooms

White arrangements are always elegant and are a popular choice regardless of the season. Hydrangeas are beautiful and can be used to create a memorial such as a cross or other meaningful shape. In many cases, white floral arrangements will also include a green base to make the white flowers stand out even more. You can also make a simple white arrangement with a touch of greenery and add a colourful touch in the form of a floral bouquet. Imagine a white cross with a “band” wrapped diagonally around where the two lines meet. A white wreath can also include a colourful bouquet of flowers at one end. There are so many possibilities and all you have to do is ask your florist for creative ideas.

Gentle shades

Various shades of pink will be an appropriate colour for funeral flowers if the person you are honouring is a woman. You don’t need to limit yourself to one shade of pink, but rather include different shades using a variety of flowers. The same can be said about blue if you honour a man.

What to avoid

Try to avoid flower arrangements that include dried items such as dried berries or sticks. While they are popular accessories this time of year, they are mostly reminders of death and the fact that nothing lasts forever. When greeting someone, this is not the type of message most people want to focus on. Funeral flowers should lift the spirit rather than cause even more sadness.

Lastly, never shy away from bright colours. You may be decorating a funeral but you are also paying homage to that person’s memory. The funeral flowers you display are a sign of your love and respect, which is why it’s so important to think about what they would like.