Fun summer flower craft – flower picks

If you are looking for a fun craft with your favourite summer flower selection, you are in luck. Flower picks are an easy and satisfying craft that you can enjoy with your children too. The best part of all is that these designs are versatile and easy to make with just a few basic supplies.

What you need

  • Colourful cardboard
  • Wooden picks
  • Liquid adhesive (like wood glue)
  • Stickers, smiley faces, and other accessories


  • The first step in this summer flower craft involves cutting out your colourful cardboard. These will become the main backing of the flower pick.
  • You can create various shapes. For example, you can cut out flower shapes, hearts, regular circles, butterflies or anything else that you would like to try.
  • Depending on the shapes you cut out, you can then decide how you want to decorate each one. For example, you can place smiley faces in the middle of your flowers, add stick-on gems to your butterflies and so on.
  • Next, you need to secure the stick to the back of your flower pick. Wood glue or hot glue are the best options.
  • Allow the glue to dry completely before adding these picks to your summer flower bouquet or potted plant.

It’s important to note that wooden picks will eventually degrade since they are in contact with water. If you want picks that last longer, you should look for plastic sticks instead. Another good tip to remember is that you can make your summer flower picks double-sided if you are worried that the back of the pick might be visible from certain angles. Not only can you use these picks to spruce up and personalised your own flower displays, but you can add them to gifts too! They are particularly great for giving your floral gift a specific theme for a particular occasion.