Alternative flowers for Valentine’s Day

Red roses and even roses of other colours are top of the list for many Valentine’s Day shoppers. It’s true that roses are associated with love and red roses in particular send a message of passionate affection. That said, it’s also well-known that the price of roses tends to rise around Valentine’s Day due to the huge demand. If you are looking for a beautiful alternative to roses this V-Day, here are some great options to consider.


Lilies come in a variety of shapes and colours. For the most part, they are also known for their strong sweet scents. From Asiatic lilies to Calla lilies and everything in between, you will find some of the greatest variety within this one type of flower. Lilies look amazing on their own or you can use them as focal flowers in a mixed bouquet.


Orchids are the very symbol of luxury and elegance. You can send them as cut flowers but they are often favoured as potted plants because they last that much longer. Orchids last the longest of all cut flowers but, as a plant, you know that your Valentine will enjoy its blooms time and time again!


Like roses, tulips are also a popular declaration of love. Many people choose to send tulips as a display of love or affection. When you send red tulips or even a mixed bouquet of tulips, your Valentine will feel loved without becoming overwhelmed by the kind of message that a bunch of red roses would send.

Daisies are often associated with innocence and a gentle nature. They are a great sign of affection when you wish to send flowers to a friend without any romantic message. Much like yellow roses, daisies will brighten your friend’s day and make their Valentine’s Day extra special.

If you have been in a relationship for long enough that you know what kind of flowers your partner loves the most, then you might like to send a bunch of these flowers. By sending flowers that you know they adore, you are showing them that you pay attention to their preferences and you care about everything that makes them happy.