Fun flower recipes for summer

Summer brings with it an abundance of flowers. With so many blooming plants all around, this is the perfect time to put them to good use. There are a number of ways in which flowers can be included in various dishes. Here are some fun recipes to try this summer:

Floral popsicles

Make your own popsicles with any flavour you like. It is best to choose a light-coloured mixture so that your flowers will be clearly visible. If your popsicles are too dark, the flowers won’t be as clearly visible. Add several flowers to each popsicle and allow them to set as usual before serving.

Crystallized Petals

Use rose petals for this treat since they are usually the largest and easiest to work with. They make fantastic decorations for cakes, cupcakes, and various other sweet dishes. You will need to look for sweet smelling roses and make sure that the petals are washed and dried before you begin. You can use egg wash (made from egg whites) or simple syrup to coat your petals before sprinkling them with sugar. Let them set and use as desired. Remember, rose petals are edible so these make delicious edible decorations.

Flower ice

When you make your next batch of ice cubes, try adding small flowers or even flower petals to each cube. Rose petals are a natural favourite but you should ask your florist about any other edible and delicious floral options! Not only does the colour enhance the appearance of your drink but the flowers also add flavour!

Lilac sugar

Lilac is a scent often associated with spring and it’s a favourite in many households. To create lilac infused sugar, you need only create layers of sugar and lilac petals in a jar. Every day give the jar a good shake and, after about a week, run the sugar through a sieve to separate it from the flowers. Store your lilac sugar in a cool, dry place and remember to keep the lid firmly in place to trap the flavour.

Another important tip for any time you use flowers in your food or drinks, is to make sure that they are safe. Some flowers are safe to eat, and even have health benefits, whereas other can be toxic. Some are beneficial in moderation but excessive consumption is not advised. Also take special care when selecting your flowers. You need to make sure that they have not come into contact with chemicals or pesticides since there are health risks associated with consuming these products.