Fun flower hacks to try at least once

Fresh flowers are not only great gifts for your friends and family. They are also great for pampering yourself. Whether you receive a flower delivery from a friend or you buy flowers for yourself, you can be sure that these hacks will help you get that much more out of them!


  • Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle so as to increase the surface area at the bottom and allow for better absorption.
  • Provide your potted orchid with a slow and steady water supply by adding an ice cube to its pot.
  • Place a small vase inside a larger vase. Make sure that the outer vase is transparent so that you can place fruit slices between the two vases. The fruit will create a wonderful effect without affecting the vase water or the flowers!
  • Closed buds should be placed in warm water before placing them in a vase of cold water. This will help them open up.
  • For flowers with extremely short stems, or if you had to cut the stems short due to damage, you can place them in a teacup instead of tossing them.
  • Glass or ceramic dessert bowls make wonderful holders for small succulents and cacti.
  • Make your own dried flower arrangement by hanging the bouquet upside down in a cool room. Remember to protect the bouquet from wind as well as direct sunlight.
  • Use clear tape to create a grid pattern on top of a vase. This will help you keep the various stems separate and make a flawless arrangement.
  • Harvest rose petals quickly and easily by twisting the flower head rather that simply tugging the petals.
  • Support flimsy flower stems with wire and conceal the wire with floral tape.
  • Remove the pollen from lilies to prevent regular clean ups and to help them last longer.