Fun flower arrangements for elegant events

When hosting an elegant affair, there are a number of factors that will determine this sophisticated theme. The first is the dress code, followed by the type of food and drinks served. It’s also important to serve your food in the appropriate manner and with stylish crockery, cutlery, and glassware. The decorations will also play a very important part which means that you need to pay close attention to everything from tablecloths and lighting to floral displays.

When choosing your flowers, you need to select the right blooms, the best colours, and the most appropriate manner of displaying them. These events give you the opportunity to get creative. If you are hosting a themed party, you can choose a decorative display of flowers to suit the event. For example, if you are throwing a Valentine’s Day party, you can display red roses and perhaps use heart-shaped containers to serve as vases. If they don’t hold water very well, you can place floral foam inside to keep your flowers hydrated.

If you are hosting an event without a specific theme, you can class it up with a creative stiletto shoe arrangement. To do this, you need only line a pair of stylish high heel shoes with some plastic wrap. Remember – these should not be shoes that you have worn but rather new shoes that you’re not inclined to wear. Yes, this means that you can finally a buy those stunning, yet highly uncomfortable 8-inch heels and put them to good use without making your poor back suffer! Once you have protected the interior of the shoe with plastic, you can add some wet floral foam. The foam should be moist but not overly saturated. Choose the colour of the shoes based on the event and the other décor. Do the same with the flowers. So, if you plan on displaying red roses, for example, you can use black shoes. If you want to show of some white flowers like orchids or gardenias, you should also stick to black shoes. If, however, you want to create a lighter mood, you can use pastel colours and arrange them in white shoes.

The same approach can be use with handbags. Take a stylish handbag, line it with plastic and place a small container or moist floral foam inside to hold the flowers. Again, take careful note of colour schemes and themes. You can also do these arrangements yourself or have your florist do them for you. Simply provide your florist with the shoes and/or bags, and ask them to work their magic! Be specific about budget, flower preference, and colours that you want to include as well as any flowers or colours you want to avoid completely.