Fun and easy to care for plants and flowers

Many people feel somewhat intimidated by the idea of caring for potted plants. It’s not just about watering them properly, but also making sure that they receive the right amount of sunlight. For those who lead extremely busy lives, it can seem like caring for potted plants simply won’t fit into their tight schedule. Fortunately, there are some wonderful flowering plants that are easier to care for than most might think.

Orchids are often seen as the kind of plant that only experienced gardeners dare display. For most of us, the cut flowers are about all that we are willing to try tend to. When you consider the fact that orchids naturally attach themselves to large trees, it’s easier to understand that they don’t actually need as much care as initially thought. Simply place your potted orchid on top of a bed of pebbles and add water to the pebble tray to ensure a humid environment. Water occasionally and make sure that you place the plant in a south or east facing window for best results.

Cacti are the fail safe option for anyone! Even if you forget t water your hardy succulent, it won’t hold it against you. These plants are designed to go without water for long periods of time. As long as you add a small amount of water every now and then, you can be sure that your plant will flourish. They don’t grow quickly so some patience is needed when it comes to cacti and succulents. They are, however, perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle or who travels regularly and isn’t necessarily always home to water their plants on a daily basis.

Bamboo is also really fun to grow and care for. They don’t need any soil and are instead “planted” directly in water. Make sure that you place them in a sunny environment and change the water once a week. If the leaves start to curl, add more water and the plant will return to normal shortly.

Whether you are looking to brighten your own home or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, potted plants need not mean hours of maintenance and care every week. These are just some of the plants out there that will require minimal time and effort. Ask your local florist about other options to suit your personal needs!