Fun DIY autumn flower arrangements

Autumn is one of the most fabulous seasons when it comes to floral d├ęcor. Pumpkins, fresh flowers and all sorts of decorative accessories can be wonderfully inspiring. If you want to get creative this season, try making these autumn flower arrangements using pumpkins and autumn blooms!

What you need

The best part about these autumn flower arrangements is that you only need a few basic supplies. You can also create any size you like and as many as you please!

  • Autumn flowers of your choice (flatter flowers are best)
  • Pumpkin or pumpkins if you want to make more than one
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sharp pair of scissors


  • To make these autumn flower arrangements, you will need to begin with your base, which is the pumpkin. Inspect the pumpkin and make sure that you wipe it off before you start. You don’t want dirt to get in your way.
  • Now you can prepare your flowers by trimming the stems as short as possible. Take care not to trim them too short or the flower may fall apart.
  • Once your flowers are trimmed, you can apply some hot glue to the pumpkin and stick on the flower.
  • Hold the flower in place for about 3 to 5 seconds so that it is firmly in place before you let go.
  • Cover your entire pumpkin with flowers and make sure that the petals of each flower overlaps the next slightly. This will conceal the pumpkin underneath and give your arrangement a full and abundant appearance.
  • Make as many of these as you like and display your autumn flower arrangements on your dining room table, mantelpiece, kitchen or anywhere you like!

These autumn flower arrangements are so easy to make that you could even create them as gifts for friends and loved ones. Remember, the flowers will dry out eventually but you can still enjoy the display. Just be sure to take extra special care when moving the arrangement after the flowers dry. You do not want to cause the petals to fall.