Fun autumn flower crafts

The autumn season usually brings a fair amount of rainy days. Unpleasant weather means that we tend to spend more time indoors. This, however, should not mean that we cannot enjoy nature during these colourful months. Autumn has so much beauty to offer and there are a number of fantastic crafts to brighten your home. Better still, many of these crafts are family friendly which means that you can get creative with your children!

Crepe paper flowers

Flowers are really easy to make using crepe paper and floral wire or pipe cleaners. Since crepe paper is available in a wide variety of colours, it’s easy to find the perfect shades of yellow, orange, and red to make a long-lasting autumn bouquet.

Floral wreaths

Autumn wreaths can be made from fresh flowers, dried flowers, or even artificial flowers. You can even add accessories like mini pumpkins, pine cones, berries, herbs, wheat, and other seasonal items. Wreaths can be made using a wire frame or dried grape vines. Wire will need to be concealed whereas grapevines can add to that rustic look.

Autumn leaves decoupage

Decoupage is a bit more of a specialised craft. It requires somewhat more time and precision as well as special adhesives and a coating to protect the finished result. You can use just about any surface for your decoupage work of art. You can even personalise your design by adding a photo or two. The key is to plan your design before you start sticking any leaves or pictures in place.

Autumn scene in box frame

Box frames are fantastic for displaying floral beauty in its full 3D form. Rather than a flat display, boxes allow us to use dried, paper, and silk flowers and leaves to create the ultimate autumn landscape. You can even create a box display for each season. That way, every few months you can welcome the new season into your home.

Dried flower bouquet

Dried flowers are great for autumn. Roses and hydrangeas are two examples of fantastic dried flowers. Accompany these dried blooms with some wheat, corn husks, and similar dried foliage. If you have some gaps to fill, you can even dry bunches of baby’s breath. Display in a clay or earth-tone vase or hollowed out pumpkin. When not on display, store your dried flowers in an airtight container out of sunlight and away from moisture.

Pressed flower collage

Pressed flowers are also great for making various forms of art. From small, A3 sized displays, to larger collages to hang on a large wall in your home, collages come in all sizes. You can use pressed flowers to create a design that resembles a field of wild flowers, a vase of flowers, or you can simply stick them down in a seemingly random manner for a more abstract appearance.

Not only can you enjoy these crafts with your family, but you can also use these ideas to make your own floral gifts. Flowers are great for birthdays, anniversaries, house warming, and so much more. Embrace autumn and give at least one of these crafts a try!