Fresh foliage tips for beautiful bouquets

When you take a look at fresh flowers online, you will notice how florists use foliage to give their bouquets a unique and full appearance. Just like blooms, there are dozens of types of fresh foliage from which you can choose. Which is why so many people feel confused about what types they should or should not add. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when selecting foliage for your arrangements.

Size of the bouquet

One of the main things you need to remember is that the size of your bouquet will determine the best types of fresh foliage you should add. For instance, if you have a small bouquet, you should not use something like Xanadu leaf. It is a large leaf with a glossy appearance and is ideal for tropical arrangements that are larger in size.

Seasonal foliage

The theme of your arrangement will also need to be considered before selecting fresh foliage. If, for example, you want to create an autumn bouquet, you could add magnolia leaves. They change colour and their brown hue will compliment these kinds of bouquets. If you want to create an oriental-themed arrangement, bamboo makes for excellent foliage.

Shape of the display

The shape of the arrangement is another important point to consider. For example, straight and tall leaves are perfect for vertical flower displays. If you have a horizontal centrepiece, you should choose foliage like vines that will extend outwards on either side along the centre of the table. If you plan on placing the arrangement on the front of the main table at a wedding or similar event, you might like to have the leaves drape down the front of the table. Again, vines are perfect for this.

Flower size

Large flowers paired with small fresh foliage will look odd. Large leaves paired with tiny flowers will also make the bouquet look more like a forest. Make sure that you choose leaves that suit the size of your arrangement. A good indicator is the size of the leaves that grow on the flower stems. If you stick to leaves that are more or less this size, you’re all good.

Don’t forget, fresh foliage is not always a must have in every arrangement! Just imagine how lovely a bunch of stargazer lilies or sunflowers look all on their own. Roses can also be paired with baby’s breath instead of adding greenery. Other accessories, like sticks, can also take on the role of foliage in an arrangement. Keep your mind open and get creative!