Hydrangea flower care in autumn

Whether you visit your local flower shop or take a look at fresh blooms online, you will notice that hydrangeas are a popular choice in several bouquets. They are loved or their size even though they are technically made up of many small flowers on a single stem, they look like a single large bloom. The hydrangea flower is not only loved in regular vase arrangements, but they are also used in designs like floral crosses and wreaths. There are even some varieties that are particularly hardy in terms of cooler temperatures. These are known as autumn hydrangeas.

Autumn varieties

If you are looking for a hydrangea flower that will do well in the autumn months, you can’t go wrong with Oakleaf hydrangeas. They have vertical stalks with pure white blooms. Panical hydrangeas also produce white flowers but they will turn pink or purple before they wilt and perish.

Enjoy the foliage

It’s not only the hydrangea flower that will bring beauty and colour to your garden. When the plant is not in bloom, you will be able to enjoy the lush green beauty of its abundant foliage. You never need to worry about your garden looking empty ever again! As long as you make sure that your plant is properly cared for and watered, you can enjoy their beauty all year long. You can remove browning leaves to make sure that your plant looks its best at all times.

Do your research

If you are planning on buying such a plant for your garden, you should do enough research first. Make sure that you have the right conditions to keep this plant happy. You do not want to plant it in direct sunlight, for example. Morning sun is perfectly acceptable but midday sun will not encourage this plant to grow. Your hydrangea flowers will take on a different colour based on the pH level of the soil so keep this in mind too. Adding fertilizer can help you bend the flower to your will. When pruning the plant, make sure you do so with care and make sure that the plant is in its dormant phase.

Constant care

Just like any other plant in your garden, your hydrangea flower needs regular care. Take a few minutes out of your day to inspect this plant for bugs, disease or any other signs of trouble. Make sure that it is provided with enough water but don’t keep the soil soaking wet or the roots may rot.

By caring for the plant properly, you will enjoy plenty of blooms year in and year out. You can make your very own hydrangea flower arrangement from time to time and use these pretty blooms to decorate various areas of your home.