Fresh flowers for your 50th anniversary

If you know of a happy couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, you will know just how truly special this occasion is. Committing your life to somebody and continuously working on your relationship for such a long period of time is no easy task. Whether you are invited to a special celebration dinner or you simply want to spoil them with a thoughtful gift, you should consider sending some fresh flowers to mark this amazing occasion.

A flower for each year

While many people know that there are traditional gifts and modern gifts associated with each year of marriage, many are not aware of the fact that there is also a beautiful bloom for every year as well. The Violet is associated with the 50th wedding anniversary and, of all the fresh flowers out there, this name makes most people think of the popular African Violet.

Potted plants

If you are considering the African Violet as a gift, you might want to look at potted plants as opposed to fresh flowers. These blooms are fairly small as are the plants themselves. This means that they are not necessarily suitable for bouquets since the stems are particularly short. The added bonus of sending a potted plant is the fact that these blooms will last more than just a couple of weeks. Provided the plant is properly cared for, it will produce blooms year after year.

Something extra

When shopping for fresh flowers or potted plants at your favourite florist, you may notice that they will offer some extra gifts that you can include if you wish. Some of the most popular extras include luxury chocolates, wine and bright balloons. Your florist will include a message card so you should take some time to write something memorable inside.

Once you have selected the perfect fresh flowers or plant, it’s time to decide whether you would like the delivery to be made directly to the recipients or if you want to present it to them in person. If they live far away, you will most likely have them delivered directly but you could always have the florist deliver to you the day before so that you can pay the couple a visit the following morning.