Fresh flower arrangements – when less is more

When you want to impress somebody or decorate your own home with flowers, it’s easy to get carried away. Many people are under the impression that they need a huge bouquet of fresh flowers in order to make an impression. In reality, all you need is a few of the right flowers to make a statement!

For many office workers, their desk space is limited and their surroundings are rather drab. Lacking in colour and inspiration, adding flowers is just the right thing to give any dull office a splash of style. Since you’re not exactly free to move your furniture around and you might not have much free space to work with, It’s best to choose a bud arrangement. This particular style of flower arranging involves placing one or two perfect stems in a small vase. They can be accompanied by some small fillers like baby’s breath or a touch of foliage if desired. Baby’s breath is a wonderful companion for many flowers including roses and carnations. The other prerequisite is that you use a small vase. If the vase is too big, your bouquet will look incomplete.

Another great idea for decorating smaller rooms in your home like your bathroom, is to set just a few flowers in a small glass water jug. Cut each of the stems to a different length and place the stems in the jug at an angle. All the stems will criss-cross one another in the vase and they will each attract a fair share of attention since some will have shorter stems and others longer ones. You can eve use several colours in this bouquet to give it a natural appeal.

If you have a windowsill where you can display flowers without exposing them to any direct sunlight, then you can line them with several small bouquets. Look for small containers like glass jars and, like the style mentioned above, cut your flowers to various lengths. Mix up your colours and make sure that your arrangements look similar but not exactly the same. Place your finished bouquets side by side along the windowsill and enjoy!

When you use just a few flowers to create an arrangement, it places more emphasis on each bloom. It allows you to focus on the beauty of each flower and their different colours. If possible, try to include flowers at different stages of opening. For example, use one or two fully opened blooms along with a few flowers that are almost opened and a couple that are just coming out of that bud stage. This allows your bouquet to tell a story about the changes the flowers go through as they open.