Flowers that will last forever

Fresh flowers look amazing at first. When they are resting inside a stylish vase on your living room table, they will brighten the entire room. However, no matter what kind of fresh blooms you order, no florist can guarantee that they will last forever. Some last for a few days and others a couple of weeks. It all depends on how well they are cared for as well as the type of flower. So, what many people wonder is how they can make flowers last forever and, the good news is that there are ways of preserving flowers.

Drying and pressing flowers are the easiest ways of preserving flowers. The method you choose will depend on the type of flowers you have as well as how you plan on using them. For example, delicate flowers that tend to lose their petals fairly easily should be pressed. You can even press the individual petals if you don’t want to press the entire flower. Stronger flowers, like roses, are thick and they have plenty of petals which makes them suitable for hang drying. Hang these flowers upside down so that they don’t lose their shape.

Pressed flowers can be used in a number of lovely crafts. You can use them to decorate gift bags, boxes, make your own personalised cards, and various other forms of art. You can create lovely floral works of art by carefully arranging and pasting pressed flowers, petals, and leaves on a suitable background. Place this picture in a frame and display your floral work of art on a wall or table.

Something similar can be done with a bouquet of dried flowers if you like. The only difference is that you will need a box frame because dried flowers are thicker than flowers that have been pressed flat. Again, you will need to secure your bouquet of dried blooms to a strong background of the frame. Secure the stems together using a rubber band and conceal it with some ribbon. There are a number of types of glue that you can use. For a strong bond, use hot glue and make sure that you apply this glue to several parts of each of the stems that come into contact with the background.

Dried flowers can also be displayed in vases throughout your home if you don’t want to frame them. They will, however, eventually gather dust which means that the framed option will help them stay beautiful for longer.

Then, there is always the option of silk flowers. Some might think that artificial flowers are not all that beautiful. However, high-quality silk blooms look very much like the real thing and you have to take a very close look to be able to tell the difference. Silk flowers can be cleaned if dust settles on them. Like dried flowers, they should also be displayed in an area that does not receive direct sunlight or they will become discoloured.